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We especially like to welcome cyclists in our house – because the Elbe-bike-way  (Elbe-Radweg) from Dresden to Cuxhaven passes nearby our guesthouse.

Bild vergrößernWhen you leave the ferry from Hoopte to Hamburg-Zollenspieker turn left along the main dike (Zollenspieker Hauptdeich) 4 kilometers to the guesthouse.

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Shopping facilities and good restaurants are nearby.

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If you would like to get to know the area you can find several bike- and walking paths to discover the mainly agricultural and horticultural surroundings.
Also along the river there is a walking- and bike-path.




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The lake “Hohendeich” (swimming, surfing and sailing) is only 3 kms away.

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As a service we offer bikes free of charge.

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GÄSTEHAUS KIRCHWERDER  -  Hower Hauptdeich 7 / Süderquerweg 433  -  21037 Hamburg
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